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Where truth ends and fiction begins.

Cecilie Overbye's novel Diskarma is a portrait of the angry self-righteous man. About guilt, identity and the love that hides where you least expect it.

It has been several years since Susanne left, but the dentist Jan still believes that one day they will find each other again. He just needs to change a little. Or get together.

To endure the patients and life, he sniffs laughing gas while he dreams back to his uncomplicated childhood. One day the clinic assistant walks in the door while he is sitting with the laughing gas mask over his face and the limb in his hand, and Jan hits rock bottom.

When his father dies, Jan is confronted with an unexpected feeling.

But nothing is as Jan thinks, and he must dig deep to find himself in a world of failure and deception that takes him all the way back to the high-speed train accident in Odense in 1967 and the tragic and unsolved case of the Bassedrengen, who disappeared in 1966 .

Finally, Jan is on his way, and Susanne is waiting... Or is she?

Diskarma is based on a true story.

Cecilie Overbye, born 1973, is a dentist at the University of Copenhagen.

Cecilie Overbye made her debut as an author with the biography Indefra in 2016. Here, she tells candidly about the malaria drug Lariam's horrible side effects, the complete mental breakdown and the struggle to both become a world champion and a whole person again.

Survival in Nepal becomes the focal point in both Cecilie's life and writing. The novel Jens Petersen's extended spring was published in 2020 and Diskarma will be published in April 2023.

"Cecilie Overbye delivers a rare existential empathy when she moves to the innermost core of her main characters and elegantly redeems them with great humor."

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